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How do you know if your therapist is trained in sensory integration?

  1. Your therapist should have all of the following:
    1. A license from the state in which they practice. In order to obtain a license in NJ, a therapist must have graduated from an accredited university, completed fieldwork, and have passed a national certification examination.
    2. Training in SI treatment, evaluation, and theory. All therapists recieve completion certificates when they take continuing education courses and you can ask to see this certificate. The coursework involved in being able to adminster the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) covers all these areas and is a good sign that the therapist has a solid foundation in Sensory Integration.
    3. Continuing training. New techniques and research within the field of SI are constantly emerging. It is important that your SI trained therapist be committed to their continuing education.

All of the therapists at Springboard Therapy are committed to continuing education. We believe that by attending several sensory integration based courses each year and then collaborating with each other, our collective knowledge and individual skills help to provide unique and cutting edge services for your family.


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