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How do I know if my 6-15 year old child needs occupational therapy services?

Please print out this list and check off any of the areas that are applicable to your child. If you check 3 or more problems, occupational therapy services may be warranted. Please contact Springboard Therapy via email from this site and a therapist will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

  1. checkboxClumsy, falls frequently, seem to trip over their own feet
  2. checkboxBreaks pencil tips frequently and/or writes with heavy pressure
  3. checkboxDislikes handwriting, fatigues quickly with written class work
  4. checkboxPoor self-esteem and self-confidence
  5. checkboxAvoids gym class and sports activities
  6. checkboxHard time paying attention and following directions
  7. checkboxOverly active, unable to slow down
  8. checkboxFrequent letter reversals such as b and d; poor letter/word spacing
  9. checkboxDifficulty focusing attention, or over-focused and unable to shift attention to the next task
  10. checkboxDislikes swimming, bathing, haircuts, nail trimming, or hugs
  11. checkboxNeeds more practice than other children to learn new skills
  12. checkboxOverreacts to touch, smell, taste and sounds
  13. checkboxUnable to settle down, sleep difficulties
  14. checkboxFinds it difficult to make friends with children of the same age, prefers to play with adults or younger children rather than peers
  15. checkboxDoes not enjoy jumping, swings or having feet off the ground

*Adapted from OTA Watertown with permission (2005)